I Asked, You Responded

I like to occasionally ask a question that makes people think... if they deem the question worthy, they will write me an email with their response.

Those questions and answers will be published in this post on an ongoing basis as of today.
Featuring the newest responses and the newest questions at the top.

One day, maybe I'll compile all of these into some sort of heartwarming coffee table book.
Sold at one of those places like Moulé... you know the books you read in the store and never actually pay for.
PS. If I do publish these responses, this post is consequently where where I'll let you know.

Enjoy the Official SepBaz.com Reader Q & A:

Nov. 6/17  - send your answers to: sbazzazi (@) gmail (.) com

This was a pretty good day....Question 1: According to you, what is a perfect day?

Response #1, submitted by R.S. on November 7th, 2017
I wake up next to my wife without an alarm clock, driven by my own body’s internal clock and the rising of the sun.

I drink a tall glass of water, and start my morning routine… turn on the kettle, grind coffee beans (because I have time to grind fresh coffee beans each morning) and pour it into a french press. The smell wakes my wife, and we sit down and enjoy breakfast together and chat about what adventures await us in the day.

We pack the car with paddleboards, hiking/camping gear and all the best snacks. We put on our favourite playlist and drive the fuck out of the city.

We meet friends at the river and all of our cellphones die simultaneously. Someone pulls out a guitar and can actually play it, as the rest of us crack open a beer and enjoy the day together… laughing, telling stories and being free.

The golden hour approaches, and we light the fire. Cooking up a feast and dancing with our friends until the night gets cold.

In the morning, we wake up with the sun again… and smile, knowing yesterday we retired early.