Do heists with friends, strangers or NPCs.
Fill your safe house and offshore accounts with cash.
Modify a multitude of beautiful weapons with 8 billion types of upgrades
Cook meth, steal cocaine, kill people for a guy named Vlad
Oh ya, and it features some awesome actors... like "Gustavo Fring"
I'm just hooked on this game and can't wait to get my brother and some friends in on the heists.
That's where the real magic happens...
PS. This is part of the new xbox one "gamepass" ($10 a month, play over 100 games)
If you get it on Xbox One, add my gamertag: sepbaz (obviously)

Why has nobody done Egypt in a game before? Pyramids? Wow, so obvious.
But I'm glad Assassin's Creed got to it first. They completely nailed it.
This game is massive and to complete it 100% will take me all winter (yay..)
Beautiful game, which has an awesome photo-mode that keeps on giving.
Best Assassin's creed, if you're a fan of this franchise, stop not playing this one ASAP

Being an ancient Egyptian Assassin is even cooler than it sounds ⤴
It is equally awesome being a team of 4 assassins in fictional modern Bolivia ⤵ 

Oh... so I can control a team of 4 insanely deadly operatives who will kill on my command?
In an open-world version of Bolivia?
And I get to learn cool new Spanish words like "Sueno"?
I'm in.