"Good old fashioned hard work"

"Sepy, quite simply, is a rockstar. It's rare to find someone with the talent, passion and pure drive that he brings to his role as assistant marketing manager day in and day out. In the past year, he has taken Earls' social media program and grown it to be a key marketing channel for every single one of our 60+ restaurants, through a highly organized blend of shrewd strategy, buy-in from all corners of the company, and good old fashioned hard work. I am constantly amazed by Sepy's ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the social media revolution, while staying in tune with all things food & beverage in Vancouver and beyond. He is a true model of all I hope to learn and achieve with social media and online marketing - that is, if I can keep up with him at all!"

-Amanda Haines 

"The results have been fantastic"

"I had such a great time working with Sepy and was able to implement his recommendations to grow our social media presence immediately. The results have been fantastic - Sepy provides high leverage service and brings kick-butt ideas - thank you!"

-Penny Isabel

"Attention to detail is on point"

"I have recently started my business venture and Socialbaz has been an enormous help. He helped me with branding, set up my business email, and currently putting together my website. He responded to all of my requests in a timely manner. His creativity and attention to detail is on point. Thank you for everything!"

-Shayan Vaghayenegar
(view on LinkedIn)

"Never afraid to take on a challenge"

"Sepy is as reliable as they come. He truly works hard for his clients and stops at nothing to get the job done... His knowledge of social media is extensive and he's never afraid to take on a challenge big or small. Sepy is honest, authentic and a real breath of fresh air in the marketing world as he never shy's away from telling his clients the truth in a language that they understand. If your company/brand is seeking an honest, reliable and tenacious social media specialist, Sepy is definitely the one for you."

-Ruby Fremon

"Extremely knowledgeable and full of great ideas"

"Had a great consultation with Sepy, today. He is extremely knowledgeable and and full of great ideas. I now have a clear marketing plan that I'm sure will take my business to the next level. I highly recommend his services."

-Milad Bahrami
(I don't think he has LinkedIn)

"The perfect social media expert"

"Sepy is a leading example of how you embrace social media. I've worked with him and watched how he has transformed the relationship of earls with their own customers. He has a loyal following based on how he engages, is real, genuine, and authentic. Throw in a great sense of fun, and you've got the perfect social media expert."

-Alice Mathieson

"A refreshing attitude to our marketing"

"Our business, Earls polo Park, has directly worked with Sepy for the last two years in a marketing facet of our business. Sepy has brought a fresh view of the way we approach marketing our restaurant by inspiring our management team to open our minds and inspire us moving forward to change the way we approach our business. Sepy brings a refreshing attitude to our marketing team and we look forward to working with him further in the future."

-Kris Kopansk

"Far ahead of all his peers"

"Sepy possess a rare blend of skill sets which set him far ahead of all his peers. In working with him, Sepy showed great maturity in his understanding of design principles and savant like grasp of marketing towards the coveted youth demographics. His industry know-how and proven track record make Sepy a superb candidate for any advertising/marketing project."

-Saeed Ashrafinia

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Sepy Bazzazi

RealtyNinja + Socialbaz

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